What is the best way to lose weight in 2022?

What is the best way to lose weight in 2022?

Could you guess what the most common New Year’s resolution is?

I bet you got it straight away: exercise more and lose weight. Even though it is an excellent resolution, the success rate of about 8% is genuinely disappointing.

There are many variables as to why the accomplishment rate is so low. But this one, in my opinion, causes the most failures – selecting the wrong diet.

To lose weight effectively, you must find what works best for YOUR body and lifestyle. People lose weight at different paces. For some – weight loss is a matter of not snacking in the evening; others might need vigorous training and clean nutrition to shed a few pounds. What I’d suggest to those struggling to lose weight – try different nutrition methods:

By working in the health & fitness industry, I’ve noticed that keto works best for most. You can also use specific tools to look up how quickly you can expect to shed the weight off doing the keto diet.

Wealthy people can afford professional trainers and nutritionists; therefore, they can put in a lot less effort, and hence it is easier to reach awesome results.

That said, there are some excellent alternatives to assist you with following the diet. Specific digital tools can plan out your eating regimen according to your weight loss expectations/food preferences and personal characteristics.

As to why the keto diet is superior to any other diet that you can use to lose weight in 2021 – it is not.

Here’s a simple explanation for what the keto diet is – it is a way of eating where you drastically decrease the consumption of carbohydrates and, because of that, your body is burning fat for energy. This state is called ketosis and comes with a whole list of benefits apart from faster weight loss:

  • More energy
  • Improved skin condition
  • Food is more satiating
  • A decrease in blood sugar and insulin levels

These are merely the baseline benefits, so the diet is truly worth a shot.

That said, I won’t just blindly preach that this diet is hands down the best option. No diet works for everyone – you need to try it out and see for yourself.

Also, some websites can give you a weight loss progress chart depending on personal characteristics. I know that some people are very goal-oriented and need to know precisely how fast they can shed those pounds. If you are one of them – you might want to look into that.

All in all – losing weight is a difficult task. Many select it as their New Year’s resolutions, and also, many fail. Don’t take this journey lightly and use all tools at your disposal to make it successful. It won’t be as fast as you’d expect, so patience is the key. Investing in the necessary tools will help you stay on track, keep you accountable, and hopefully – shed those pounds.

Said Eugene Smith

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