Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress slider Plugin

Slider Revolution is the most popular WordPress plugin that shows site content dynamically to catch user attraction. Anyone can make any type of sliding view with this plugin without coding knowledge. It is compatible with all modern WordPress themes.

This versatile WordPress plugin helps beginner-and mid-level designers WOW their clients with pro-level visuals. You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive sliders:


Without writing a line of code. In a matter of minutes. Using any type of media you want.

200+ templates: Included in their constantly growing library.

20+ Addons: Included for mind blowing special effects.

Slider Revolution 6 Highlights

The visual editor you want to work with:

Our goal is to deliver the ultimate experience to our loyal users. Version 6 of the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has an optimized editor with all options categorized intuitively. So you can work faster.

The animators dream. Now with keyframes:

Instead of only allowing layer in/out animations, the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has the ability to add multiple animation steps to each layer animation.

Mighty new content. Pure inspiration:

To fuel Slider Revolutions new UI and features, we prepared a large selection of high quality content for you to enhance your web projects immediately.

Live help within the editor:

Looking for a certain option and can’t find it? Need a detailed explanation of an option? Welcome to our live directory inside the editor.

Instant solutions at your fingertips:

Our completely revamped support center is designed to deliver the solution you are looking for with maximum efficiency.

Easy, instant updates:

One click of a button will update the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder to the latest available version, directly from our update servers.

200+ ready to go templates:

To get you started, we provide a large library of beautiful templates. Increase efficiency and project quality without coding knowledge.

2000+ elements object library:

Our library of royalty free media assets offers something for every need. Just point, click and publish your new content.

20+ powerful add-ons included:

The Slider Revolution WordPress Builder includes a library of over 20 add-ons that add additional functionality to the core plugin.


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