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London Creative + (Portfolio & Blog WP Theme)

London Creative + (Portfolio & Blog WP Theme)

London Creative + WordPress theme was designed with the intention to reach as many people as possible and if you are looking for a modern and professional template, London is the one. You find this template useful whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, writer, musician, or developer. London WP Theme is a great option for freelancers as well to easily present themselves and their company.

London Creative + comes with a fully working contact form, an awesome slider for your featured images, nasty spinning slider buttons (never saw them anywhere else, so you can call it unique), 2 message buttons under the slider, and PrettyPhoto plugin (better clone of Lightbox).

You will also have user-friendly dropdown navigation with infinite dropdown levels where you can style every even list item via Jquery, so no more hassle, it’s automatic, you can just add posts and you are ready to go!


Customizable blog options are mostly appreciated by writers whether writing comedy, tragedy, prose, poetry or you are just writing articles and stories for yourself. Photographers and graphic designers really like portfolios at our theme which makes it possible to easily present their work. We even have a small clothing designer using our London WordPress theme, and she really likes it.

As mentioned above London theme is a great option for freelancers like musicians, personal trainers, food critics, nutritionists, web designers to easily present themselves and their company. But you will find this theme suitable for you even if you are a businessman, manager, or shop owner.

It is not possible to list all professions and business, which is London great for, but there are really a lot of them. Few more examples: gymnasts, salons, financial advisers, biologists, economists, chemists, geologists, auditors, artist,s and others.

Key Features