250+ Beautiful Baby Flower Names for Girls and Boys

250+ Beautiful Baby Flower Names for Girls and Boys

In this article, we discuss about the most beautiful Flower Names for Girls and Boys. If you are seeking a beautiful flower name for your baby, I think you are right place. Because we collect and made a unique flower names list.

150+ Unique Flower Names for Girls

Flower names for girls became popular starting around the 18th century. Today, most people have continued to make flower baby names a thing with their own babies. Flower names for baby girls are a unique and better choice.
We made a long list of the most common unique flower names for girls to pick one of the flower names for your baby girls.

1. Abelia: This flower name is usually used as an alternative for the girl’s name Abigail.

2. Ambretta: This name takes after an evergreen that blooms with yellow flowers.

3. Acacia: In Greek, this name means “thorny.”

4. Amaryllis: Amaryllis is in the same family as the popular lily flower.

5. Azalea: This flower name has English origins and means “a flower.”

6. Arbor: This name is tree-related to flowery trees like the Juniper and Hazel.

7. Begonia: In French, this name means “Begon’s flower.”

8. Belladonna: Even though this name literally translates to “beautiful lady”, a Belladonna is a poisonous flower that is also known as nightshade.

9. Bellerose: In English and French, this name means “beautiful rose.”

10. Blanchefleur: This flower name for girls has French roots and means “white flower.”

11. Blossom: Blossom has English origins and it means “to bloom.” It is also the name of the spunky leader of the hit show, The Powerpuff Girls.

12. Bryony: With Latin roots, this name means “to sprout.”

13. Bloom: This flowery name is also the name of the main character of TV’s Winx Club.

14. Bluebell: With deep purple and blue hues, this flower symbolizes gratitude and humility.

15. Briar: With English origins, this name means “a thorny patch.”

16. Buttercup: This flower’s name comes from the yellow wildflower.

17. Camellia: In Czech, this name means “Kamel’s flower.”

18. Chrysanthe: Chrysanthe comes from Grecian islands and means “golden flower.”

19. Cinnamon: After the sweet reddish-brown spice.

20. Calla: This lily name comes from Greek roots and means “beautiful.”

21. Calytrix: With Latin origins, this name means “starflower.”

22. Chamomile: After the relaxing flowery herb that is commonly found in relaxing teas.

23. Chrisoula: This name is the feminine of the Greek male name Chrystanthos.

24. Clematis: In Greek, this name means “vine branch.”

25. Canna: This name comes from the Canna Lily which is a tropical plant that has large leaves and sensational flowers.

26. Celandine: This English botanical name comes from a small yellow flower that belongs in the poppy family.

27. Crisanta: This is the Spanish word for “chrysanthemum.”

28. Cliantha: With Greek roots, this flower name means “glory flower.”

29. Daffodil: After the springtime yellow flower.

30. Dahlia: This flower name means “Dahl’s flower.”

31. Daisy: With English origins, this name means “day’s eye.”

32. Danica: In Slavic, this flowery exotic name means “morning star.”

33. Delphine: This French name comes from the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower.

34. Diantha: In Greek, this name means “divine flower.”

35. Edelweiss: This German name comes from a small white mountain flower that is usually found in herbal remedies.

36. Elestren: This name is the Cornish word for the Iris flower.

37. Embelia: Embelia comes from a cluster of tropical shrubs that sprout white and pink flowers.

38. Evanthe: In Greek, this flower name means “fair flower.”

39. Erica: This name comes from the winter-flowering heather.

40. Eliza: After the delightful flower seller in My Fair Lady.

41. Fern: This flower name comes from the delightful plant that enjoys the shade.

42. Flora: After the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.

43. Freesia: This German name comes from trumpet-like flowers.

44. Fuchsia: This flower’s name comes from the red and purple blooms.

45. Forsythia: With Scottish roots, this yellow spring flower is named after botanist William Forsyth.

46. Fleur: In French, this name means “flower.”

47. Foxglove: This flower name comes from the tubular-shaped blooms that come in purple, pink, yellow, and red.

48. Florentina: With Latin roots, this name means “blooming.”

49. Floortje: This Dutch name means “little flower.”

50. Fioralba: Fioralba has Italian origins and means “flower of the dawn.”

51. Fflur: This name comes after the Welsh word for flower.

52. Gardenia: Gardenia means “garden’s flower” and has English origins.

53. Garland: Not only is this flower’s name fragrant and celebratory, but it also has ties to the iconic actress Judy Garland who starred in The Wizard of Oz.

54. Geranium: This flower name means “crane” and comes from Greek roots.

55. Giacinta: This name comes from the Italian name for the hyacinth flower.

56. Hana: This girl’s name has Hebrew, Slavic, Czech origins and it means “flower” or “blossom.”

57. Heather: Heather is a flower name for girls and has English roots.

58. Hazel: This name is a perfect botanical name for parents that are looking for a girl’s name that’s not too flowery.

59. Holly: This name comes from the shrub with dark green leaves and red berries and is usually popular among Christmas babies.

60. Heliotrope: Heliotrope is a flower name for girls that takes after a cluster of purple blooms.

61. Hyacinth: In Greek, this girl’s name means “blue larkspur” or “precious stone.”

62. Hibiscus: This girl’s name comes after the tropical flower in the mallow family.

63. Ilima: After the official flower of Oahu.

64. Ione: This flower name means “a violet-colored stone.”

65. Iolanthe: In Greek, this name means “violet.”

66. Iris: Not only does this girl’s name come from a purple-blue flower, but this name also means “rainbow” in Greek.

67. Irit: In Hebrew, this name means “asphodel flower.”

68. Ivy: In the language of flowers, ivy usually symbolizes faithfulness.

69. Ixora: Important in Hindu worship, this name comes from the flowering plant that grows all year round in tropical climates.

70. Jacinta: This name comes from the Portuguese word for the hyacinth flower.

71. Jasmine: After the small white flower that is known for its delightful aromatic scent.

72. Jessamine: This name comes from the Persian word for the jasmine flower.

73. Jonquil: In Latin, this girl’s name means “reed.”

74. Kalina: Kalina has Polish, Hawaiian, and Bulgarian roots and it means “viburnum” which is a flowering shrub.

75. Kalei: This Hawaiian girl’s name comes from the infamous flower wreath.

76. Kantuta: This flower name for girls is the Quechua name for Bolivia and Peru’s national flower.

77. Kassia: This name comes from the plant that produces a cinnamon-like spice.

78. Kassiani: In Greek, this name means “cinnamon.”

79. Leilani: With Hawaiian origins, this girl’s name means “a heavenly flower.”

80. Lavender: After the sweet-smelling blooms that usually promote sleep and relaxation.

81. Lillian: This name means “a flower.”

82. Linnea: In Swedish, this name means “twinflower.”

83. Liana: Liana has French origins and means “to climb like a vine.”

84. Lilac: The flower that this girl’s name stems from usually symbolizes first love.

85. Liliosa: In Spanish, this name means “lily.”

86. Lita: This flower name for girls means “garden.”

87. Lotus: The lotus flower symbolizes purity, grace, and spiritual growth.

88. Magnolia: In Latin, this name means “Magnol’s flower.”

89. Madelief: This Dutch name means “daisy.”

90. Manuka: The Manuka tree is famous for its honey-producing flowers.

91. Marguerite: In French, this girl’s name means “daisy.”

92. Marigold: With English origins, this name means “golden flower.”

93. Mawar: With Indonesian roots, this girl’s name means “rose.”

94. Millaray: The name Millaray means “golden flower” and has Chilean origins.

95. Myrtle: Ruled by the Greek goddess Venus, this girl’s name comes from a plant that has pink or white aromatic berries and is usually associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth.

96. Muguet: In French, this name means “lily.”

97. Nanala: Nanala is a Hawaiian name and it means “sunflower.”

98. Narcissa: In Greek, this girl’s name means “daffodil.”

99. Nasrin: This Persian flower name for girls means “wild rose.”

100. Neeja: With Hindi origins, this name means “lily.”

101. Orchid: The name Orchid has Greek roots and symbolizes love, beauty, and sophistication.

102. Ornella: In Italian, this name means “flowering ash tree.”

103. Orquida: This girl’s name comes from the Portuguese word for “orchid.”

104. Pansy: A pansy usually symbolizes free thought.

105. Peony: In Latin, this flower name means “healing.”

106. Petunia: After the trumpet-shaped flower.

107. Poppy: This name after the red-hued flower is perfect for a girl with a lot of spunk and sass.

108. Primrose: This English flower name means “first rose.”

109. Patchouli: This ultimate flower power name comes from the fragrant plant that grows in Southeast Asia.

110. Picotee: In French, this girl’s name comes from the flowers that have a second color around the edges like tulips or carnations.

111. Posy: Posy is of English origins and means “a bunch of flowers.”

112. Prunella: This Latin girl’s name means “small plum.”

113. Rosa: This flower name for girls has Spanish, Italian, and Latin roots and means “rose.”

114. Rada: In Yiddish, this name means “rose” and “happy.”

115. Raisa: With Russian roots, this flower name means “rose” and “easygoing.”

116. Rayen: This Chilean name means “flower.”

117. Rhoda: In Greek, this name means “rose.”

118. Roisin: The meaning of Roisin is “little rose” and has Irish origins.

119. Rosanna: This name is simply a combination of Rose and Anna.

120. Rue: This girl’s name has Greek and English roots and means “herb.”

121. Rhoswen: In Welsh, this name means “white rose.”

122. Saffron: This exotic girl’s name comes from a spice that has a reddish-orange hue.

123. Shoshana: With Hebrew origins, this name means “lily.”

124. Sharon: After an area of ancient Palestine where roses grew.

125. Sigal: In Hebrew, this name means “violet.”

126. Snapdragon: This flower name means “dragon’s mouth.”

127. Susannah: Susannah means “lily” in Hebrew.

128. Spruce: After the evergreen tree.

129. Soma: This Hungarian name comes from the flowering Dogwood tree.

130. Tansy: This flower name has Greek origins and means “immortality.”

131. Thallo: In Greek, this name means “bringer of blossoms.”

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132. Thistle: After Scotland’s national flower.

133. Tulip: This flower name for girls has Turkish roots and means “turban.”

134. Varda: In Hebrew, this name means “rose” or “pink.”

135. Verbena: With Spanish and Latin roots, this name means “sacred foliage.”

136. Vered: This flower name for girls means “rose” in Hebrew.

137. Veronica: The name Veronica is also the name of an herb with small and bright blue flowers.

138. Viola: In Latin, this name means “violet.”

139. Violet: With Latin origins, this girl’s name means “purple.”

140. Wildflower: According to the language of flowers, wildflowers usually symbolize happiness.

141. Winika: This Maori name means “Christmas orchid.”

142. Wisteria: Usually a symbol of devotion, this flower name means “Wister’s flower.”

143. Willow: With German roots, this botanical name means “resolute” or “peaceful.”

144. Yasmin: Yasmin is a Persian name that means “jasmine flower.”

145. Yolanda: In Greek, this name means “violet flower.”

146. Zahara: With Swahili origins, this girl’s name means “flowering.”

147. Zainab: Zainab is an Arabic girl’s name and comes from a flowering tree.

148. Zaria: In Arabic, this flower name for girls means “rose.”

149. Zinnia: This German and Latin name means “Zinn’s flower.”

150. Zenobia: This flower name comes from the bell-shaped white flowers that grow on the hillsides of North America.

50+ Flower Names for Boys

01. Aciano: It is a Spanish-origin name that means a ‘blue bottle flower.’ That’s a modern name for a handsome boy.

02. Alder: Alder, the name of the flowering plant from the birch family, has an old-school feel to it. It means ‘from the alder tree’.

03. Anthony: The versatile and ever-trendy name Anthony sounds a lot like ‘Anthos’, which is a Greek word for Rose. Anthony Quinn and Anthony Hopkins are popular bearers of this name.

04. Antonio: In the 17th century, the name Antonia was linked to the Greek name ‘Anthos’, which means flower. So go for Antonio if you want a flower name for your boy.

05. Aoi: The Japanese origin name “Aoi” refers to the ‘Hollyhock flower.’ If you are looking for a short and sweet name, “Aoi” can be a good pick.

06. Araj: The name comes from Urdu origin and refers to ‘floral fragrance.’ “Araj” can be an authentic name for your son.

07. Arnit: After lagging behind Arpit and Amrit for ages, Arnit, meaning ‘beautiful flower’, has suddenly caught on with the parents.

08. Atir: It is an aromatic name for a boy that refers to the ‘fragrance’ of a flower.

09. Ash: It is a classic name of Hebrew origin. You can also name Asher, inspired by the Ash tree.

10. Aweinon: The native American name “Aweinon” refers to moving flowers. Aweinon is a one-of-a-kind floral name for a boy.

11. Bakul: It means a ‘sweet-smelling flower’ and is a suitable name for a charming boy.

12. Basil: Basil, a fragrant herb with purple and white flowers, is a very common name for boys.

13. Blathma: Blathma refers to flowers in Irish. If you want your boy to have a rare name in school and college, “Blathma” sounds cool.

14. Bud: Bud isn’t just a cute Irish nickname, but also stands for the male flower name meaning Blossom. If you’re hesitant to use it for a first name, you can use it as a nickname or middle name.

15. Calix: It encloses a flower and comes from Latin origin. “Calix” can also be named as “Chalice” and sounds suitable for a boy.

16. Catkin: It is a group of small flowers and is derived from Middle Dutch Katteken as it resembles the flurry tail of the kitten. “Catkin” is a creative name for a boy.

17. Carmel: That’s a biblical name common in Ireland that refers to ‘vineyards of God.’ If you want your baby boy to have a Catholic name, “Carmel” can be a good pick.

18. Cedar: While most people associate it with trees and woods, there’s also a Cedar flower, which is breathtakingly beautiful.

19. Clem: The name Clem refers to Clematis, the climbing vine of beautiful flowers. Clem sounds humble, laid back, and has a distinctive down-to-earth charm.

20. Corey: Corey would be a fresh and snappy short form of Coreopsis, the cheery and long-lasting flower. To make it more unconventional, you can spell it as Cory. Corey means ‘from the hollow’ – this sounds like one of the cool flower names.

21. Cresento: It means a ‘gold flower’ in Spanish. Your boy would be called a golden boy with the name “Cresento.”

22. Cypress: The cypress flower, resembling the five-pointed stars, looks absolutely adorable. It’s also the name of a town in Orange County, California.

23. Elm: Elm, a tree that blooms white flowers, would make an excellent middle name for boys. It sounds straight, strong, and robust, just like the flower.

24. Fiorello: Fiorello is one of those floral names that would work amazingly on a boy. It was made famous by Mayor La Guardia during the Second World War. In fact, he was also the basis of a musical called Fiorello. Fiorello means ‘little flower’.

25. Florent: French name Florent, meaning ‘flowering’, may sound a bit too flowery for American guys, but it’s quite popular in some parts of Europe.

26. Florian: This Latin name, meaning ‘flowering or flourishing’, may sound feminine to some, but it’s used mostly for boys. The name has a worldly appeal as well.

27. Florionio: In French, “Florionio” means ‘flower.’ That’s indeed a stylish name for a boy.

28. Florizel: The Bohemian name was invented by Shakespeare and is a unique floral choice for a boy.

29. Florus: Looking for a modern and stylish name? “Florus” refers to a flower in Latin and is a suitable choice.

30. Gajijens: The native American name “Gajijens” means ‘flower’s fall.’ It’s an interesting and classic name.

31. Gilford: It refers to a ‘garden with yellow flowers.’ Beauty refers to the name “Gilford” which is a suitable name for a boy.

32. Gladiolus: The pleasant pink flower “Gladiolus” can be a suitable choice if you are looking for a masculine name for your baby boy.

33. Gulzar: That’s a classic Arabic name for a boy that refers to ‘blooming.’ It is the name of a famous poet too.

34. Indigo: If you are brave enough, name your child Indigo. Indigo is the plant that creates a purplish-blue dye. We think it is one of the most evocative and appealing flower names of this generation.

35. Indivar: It is a Hindi name that refers to ‘blue lotus.’ “Indivar” is an ancient name that also means ‘blessing.’

36. Jared: If you want a masculine name, inspired by a rose, Jared could be your pick. It means ‘rose’ in Hebrew. Its namesake is none other than Jared Leto.

37. KairavIt refers to the “white lotus.” If you wish your boy stands out from the rest, then “Kairav” cannot go wrong as a name.

38. Kamal: It is a Hindi origin name that means ‘lotus’ and ‘perfection.’ “Kamal” is a beautiful floral name for a boy.

39. Kastur: The musk fragrance from the Kasturi plant or flower is “Kastur.” It’s a sweet-sounding name for a boy.

40. Ketak: Ketak, a name that means ‘flower’, was once considered a bit pompous and grand for baby boys in India, but it’s now being opted by a significant number of parents.

41. Kunal: Here’s a name for the traditional parents. Kunal is a Sanskrit origin name meaning ‘lotus’. It is quite popular in India.

42. Laurence: Laurel is a lovely white and pink flower usually found in the Eastern side of the United States. You can name your boy “Laurence” and find him blooming all his life.

43. Liatrice: It is a Latin name that rhymes well with Beatrice. “Leatrice” is a unisex name but suits more a boy, and refers to ‘blessed.’

44. Lotem: In Hebrew, “Lotem” refers to ‘bush of golden flowers.’ That’s a classic name for a boy.

45. Lupin: It is the name of a flower and also means ‘pertaining to the wolf.’ That sounds like a brave name for a boy. However, it can be used for a girl too.

46. MallowThe American name “Mallow” means ‘flower’ in American English. It’s a simple name yet so uncommon.

47. Moss: Moss, the soft, plush, and evocative nature name is heard more frequently as a surname rather than a name. Take Moss Hart for example.

48. Mranal: That’s a beautiful and rare name for a boy. “Mranal” refers to a collection of lotus,’ and is an outstanding name for Hindus.

49. Nalesh: It refers to ‘king of flowers.’ If you want your baby boy to grow up and be the king of his work, then “Nalesh” can be a fantastic pick.

50. Narcissus: Narcissus, a name for daffodil, will make a perfect pick for your baby boy.

51. Oleander: Oleander, the name of a shrub that bears beautiful flowers, would make an excellent alternative to Oliver.

52. Oliver: Just like the orange Oliver flower, your baby boy can flourish and shine with “Oliver” as a name.

53. Oncidium: It is a type of orchid that is a delight to watch. “Oncidium” can be a delightful name just like the flower.

54. Palash: The orange-colored flower “Palash” is considered sacred in many Asian countries. Your boy can shine just like the flower with this name.

55. Pallav: It refers to the ‘budding leaf.’ The name is not a common choice and can be perfect for a son whose parents are looking for a Sanskrit name.

56. Pahukumaa: It refers to ‘the edge of a sunflower.’ That sounds like an old-school name but is trending even today.

57. Peregrine: The earthy name for a boy refers to ‘traveler’ in Latin. It is also a flower from the daisy flower.

58. Pine: The flower of a pine tree looks different from other flowers. So is the name “Pine,” unique from other names.

59. Provitamin: It refers to a ‘morning flower’ in the native American language.

60. Poviyemo: The name can be used for a boy and a girl, and refers to ‘falling flower’ in the native American language. It is a novel choice as a floral name.

61. Quanah: It is a native American name for a boy that means ‘sweet smelling’ or ‘fragrance.’ That’s a lovely choice for a boy.

62. Quill: The name Quill refers to Jonquil, the hardy, spring flower. The moniker would serve as a tribute to ancestors named Bill, Gil, or Phil.

63. Raanan: The fresh name “Raanan” has its origin in Hebrew and refers to ‘flourishing’ or ‘green.’ It is an energizing name for a boy.

64. Raihan: It refers to ‘heaven’s flower’ and is inspired by the ‘sweet flower.’

65. Ren: Ren is Japanese for ‘Lotus’. In Japan, the Lotus is a symbol of perfection and purity, traits that every parent wants in their son.

66. Reed: The water reed flowers look fragile and delicate. If you wish your boy grows up and becomes sensitive and sensible, then “Reed” can be a suitable choice.

67. Risay: The Muslim name “Risay” is inspired by a ‘black rose’ and also refers to ‘one who is beloved.’

68. Rhodes: The boy’s name “Rhodes” has its origin in Greek which means ‘where roses grow.’

69. Romy: It is a vibrant name used for a boy that comes of German origin. “Romy” is also a short form of Romeo and Roman. The name is suitable for a girl and is inspired by rosemary.

70. Roselin: The French name “Roselin” for a boy refers to ‘red-haired.’ If your little boy has red hair, then this name can be the most appropriate.

71. Saffron: Contrary to what most people think, the Saffron flower isn’t yellow or orange but purple. Saffron is a gender-neutral name but will suit boys more.

72. Sage: The name refers to an aromatic herb and also means an intelligent person. As a name, Sage is strong and short, fitting the criteria sought after by most modern parents.

73. Saroj: It is a unisex name that refers to “lotus” and also means ‘vermillion.’ “Saroj” is an authentic Hindi name.

74. Sheroze: The Urdu name “Sheroze” means ‘king of roses.’ Your boy can become a charming person with this name.

75. Shirish: The Hindi name “Shirish” refers to the ‘flower’ or a ‘rain tree.’ It is a sweet-sounding and ancient name for a boy.

76. Spruce: The handsome name “Spruce” is suitable for a boy. It is a food and flower plant that grows in winter.

77. Sorrel: Sorrel is the name of a beautiful red flower of the Caribbean. Although it is a gender-neutral name, Sorrel sounds more suitable for girls.

78. Stephanotis: Sounds different? It refers to the Hawaiin wedding flowers, which are tiny and white. Naming your boy “Stephanotis” can make him look unique.

79. Talasi: It refers to the “cornflower” of native American origin. If you are looking for a fresh name for your baby boy, then “Talasi” can be an appropriate choice.

80. Tarragon: It is inspired by the yellow blooming flowers. “Tarragon” means ‘aromatic.’ Your boy will spread his fragrance wherever he goes with this name.

81. Thistle: It represents graciousness and is inspired by a light purple flower. “Thistle” is a rare and pleasant choice for a boy. However, it can be used for a girl.

82. Hawthorne: Hawthorne is small white and pink Hawthorn flower from the Rosaceae family. “Hawthorne” is a positive name and suitable for a boy.

83. Hinata: In Japanese, “Hinata” means ‘sunflower.’ It is a unique choice for your boy.

84. Trevor: Shatrevar, the Persian word for flower is the inspiration behind this name. This British name took a long time to cross the Atlantic Ocean and has now begun to be heard in the US.

85. Tsvetan: It refers to a ‘flower’ in Bulgarian. “Tsvetan” is the name of many legends from all over the world.

86. Vared: In Hebrew, “Vared” refers to ‘rose.’ If you want your boy to grow up and be gentle, you can choose this name for him.

87. Viburnum: It’s a flowering plant known to be evergreen. Your boy can gain its lovely characteristics if you name him “Viburnum.”

88. Watson: The name Watson refers to the flower Watsonia and means ‘powerful warrior’. You can either keep it Watson or stick with Watsonia.

89. William: Surprised to see William on this list? Don’t be! William is also the name of a sweet flower.

90. Yarrow: Yarrow, the name of the strong and fragrant herb that blooms into a bright yellow flower is gender-neutral, but it sounds better on boys.

91. Zahir: It is an Arabic origin name that refers to ‘blossoming.’ “Zahir” is a common name among Muslims and is an evergreen choice for a boy.

92. Zahur: In Urdu, “Zahur” means a ‘flower that smells lovely.’ It is also a variant of “Zahir.”

93. Zein: That’s a modern name for a boy that means ‘fragrant flower.’ If you want your son to spread his beautiful fragrance wherever he goes, then that’s the name.

Flower Names for kids

Pick one of the flower names for kids from pretty flower names for girls.

Flower Names for Babies

Pick one of the flower names for babies from pretty flower names for girls.

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