Face Recognition System To Ensure Ultimate Security

Face Recognition System

What Is Face Recognition System?

The face recognition system is an artificial intelligence based digital security system that is capable to identify and verify a person from image or video. A biometric artificial intelligence based application can uniquely identify a person by analyzing patterns based on a person’s facial structure, shape, and textures.

Face recognition system is one of the most popular biometric security systems. Despite the existence of billions of people in the world, the face structure of one person does not match the face structure of another. The wonderful creation of the Creator is the human. People can be recognized by their faces structure. Because the face is the key to knowing a person. Face carries the identity of the human. It is very difficult and impossible to identify those who have lost their face by accident.

At present, human face recognition systems are used in various important government and non-government organizations to ensure maximum protection. Because the face contains individual characteristics of the person, it is not likely to be fake. Face recognition systems are used to ensure maximum safety in most important institutions in the developed world.

Currently, the face cognizance system is used in iOS and Android mobile phones. Face lock is used to lock and unlock smart mobile phones. This ensures maximum protection for the user. The face sustaining system plays an important role in managing the attendance of office workers. Various important sensitive areas can be easily used to ensure access to authorized persons and to prevent unauthorized persons from entering

Biometric Face Recognition Systems:

Face recognition system is a famous security system in the biometric system. Its popularity and usage are rapidly increasing.

As a matter of fact biometric face identification system used an artificial intelligence based system to analyze a person’s face data. The AI-based application read and analyze the distance between eyes, distance from forehead to chin, and many more.

Most of the important government sector uses biometric face recognition systems to easily identify people. The system has widely used in airports, Interpol, law enforcement agencies, national security agencies, and many significant sectors.

3D Facial Recognition Systems:

The three-dimensional geometry of the human face is used for 3D (three-dimensional) face recognition systems. It gives significantly higher accuracy than 2D recognition systems. Three key points of the human face are analyzed by the algorithm.

3d face recognition system

Face Recognition Systems For Attendance:

Attendance management is very easy using the face recognition systems. The use of face recognition systems in managing the attendance of teachers and students in educational institutions has become very popular. It is easy to understand whether teachers or students are attending the institution at the specified time.

The use of face recognition systems to control the presence of employees of the important government or non-government organizations is very popular. Anyone cannot confirm the presence of another person by using the unique characteristics of one person. Maintains discipline by bringing officers to work on time and leaving the workplace.

The daily attendance of all the officers can be easily checked and selected at a specific time. The popularity of this devices are increasing continuously for easy uses convenience.

Uses of Face acknowledgment systems:

Most of the government and non-government significant agencies uses biometric face recognition systems to ensure their best security.
The law enforcement agencies of developing countries are using biometric recognition system.

The biometric face identification systems are used Overall every important international and domestic airports. Many times it used for a criminal investigation. The customs officials at Washington Dulles International Airport arrested the first criminal using facial recognition in August 2018. An impostor was trying to enter the country.

Mobile phone companies have been using face recognition methods to lock and unlock the mobile phone. The Apple company first used facial recognition to unlock their iPhone X. Today almost every high configured mobile phone has used this system.

Most of the popular social media are used facial recognition method to identify their real user. Facebook can recognize faces with 98 percent accuracy. When a user uploads an image the AI-based algorithm analyzed it and shows the image owner id to tag.

Finally said that the face acknowledgment system is used by the many important government sectors, airports, national security systems, mobile phone companies, educational institutions, social media companies, and many more. The system market value is very well. It can be a big part of the biometric system in the future world.

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