Fix WordPress Error Establishing A Database Connection in WordPress

Fix WordPress Error Establishing A Database Connection in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the online world. In spite of WordPress is a famous and easiest CMS, there are many errors occur. Probably “Error Establishing A Database Connection” is one of the most common errors in WordPress that users can face.

Most of the time it happened for entering wrong credentials like username, password, database name, or corrupted file, database, and many other reasons. It is very easy to build a website with WordPress and fix any unknown errors.

Don’t be afraid! Because there are many ways to fixing it with following a few steps.

error establishing a database connection

Why WordPress shows database connection error?

WordPress uses a database to store all user content and other website data as a content management system.

It needs a Database name, username, password, and server to connect to the database. Wp-config.php file configuration stores this information in WordPress.

WordPress would fail to connect to the database and show the database error message if any of this information is incorrect.

How to fix “Error Establishing A Database Connection” in WordPress?

There are many ways to solve WordPress errors in a short time. We would show and explain the most common WordPress errors fixing method to solve this problem.

Database credentials:

Database credentials are the reason for the most common WordPress error. WordPress shows the connection error If the database name, username, and passport are incorrect.

Wp-config.php file contains the database credential.

Error Establishing A Database Connection wp config php
Error Establishing A Database Connection wp config php

Make sure your database credentials and wp-config.php info are correct. Anyone can check it from cPanel>file manager>public HTML. To edit and confirm database credentials login to your host. Go to the ‘PHPMyAdmin’ or ‘MySQL database’ and assure your WordPress credential.

After completing these setup, visit your website again to check. Your site problem is solved.

If it is not, follow the next step.

WordPress database repair:

In spite of your database credentials are correct errors still happening, you can try to repair your database automatically. To repair the database automatically you have to include this in the wp-config.php file before ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing.’ line.

define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);

After you have done that, go to this link:

repair and optimize wordpress database
repair and optimize wordpress database

Now you have to repair and optimize the database. When repairing and optimizing the database are completed, you need to remove this code from the wp-config.php file.

Restore the latest backup:

You should keep a backup of your site every month for your safety. If any unknown errors occur on-site or hacker hack your site anytime, you can get back your site from the backup file. After following these steps even if your site still has occurred error, you can easily restore from your latest backup to solve this. Use a backup plugin to keep properly backup your whole site.

Corrupted file fixing:

Most of the time the WordPress core file has been corrupted for uncomplete wp, plugins, or themes update. In generally, it happened when we are updating any plugin or theme. If it happened after updating any plugin or theme you would deactivate this and activate it again.

Are the errors still happening? Don’t worry. Login to your host (cPanel) and go to file manager > publicHTML > WordPress content. Rename your plugin folder name to anything. After renaming load your site. Is it working properly? Rename your plugin folder name to original and activate all plugin.

Everything is done and Enjoy a reliable WordPress site now!

Caution: Don’t forget to keep backup before action. If you don’t have a backup plugin Please download a backup plugin from here.

Finally said that WordPress is the easiest content management system. Anyone can build any kind of site with WordPress without coding knowledge. All the WordPress error will be solved effortlessly.

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