Best outdoor wireless security camera system

best outdoor wireless security camera system

Are you looking for the best outdoor Wireless Security Camera that works with a security system? You can start with a wireless outdoor security camera from our recommendations.

The wireless security camera is easy to fit outside of your home. For outdoor monitoring, you need a wifi camera with a wide field of view. You can see from indoor or away by wireless outdoor security camera who’s at the front of your door or home.

The wireless outdoor security camera can guard your home all the time. So, when you are on vacation, you will be never worried about your home.

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera list:

  1. Google NC2400ES nest cam outdoor wireless security camera
  2. COOAU home Surveillance Security Camera
  3. AMICCOM Outdoor Security Camera
  4. Blink camera outdoor security system
  5. Wansview security camera
  6. ZUMIMALL home security waterproof camera
  7. UOKIER wireless security camera
  8. HeimVision home security camera
  9. XTU Wireless Home Security Camera
  10. MECO wireless outdoor security camera

Why do you buy an outdoor wireless home security camera?

If a package or any valuable things had stolen from your home, the offender is very likely to flee before you know it. Even you will never know who committed the deed. Also, strangers or terrorists appear in front of the door to enter your home, but you will not know. You will never know if a thief breaks your door and enters your house while you are outside.


The wireless home security camera is easier to install anywhere in your home. The battery-powered wireless camera is also easiest to install because you can put this anywhere without a power cable in the router area. It smoothly works on the 2.4GHz wifi network.

Night vision:

All wireless home security cameras should have night vision capability.

IP rating: Many outdoor cameras had carried an IP (ingress protection) rating. There are two-digit in the IP rating that tells you how well the camera will hold in difficult weather conditions.
The first digit of IP prefix tells you how resistant the camera is to the ingress from 0 to 6 total protection against dust and dirt. The second tells you how moisture-resistant the camera is and protected against high-pressure spray from all angles 0 to 9.


Most of the security camera has an IP66 rating. Which means they provide complete protection against dust ingress. It also can handle water jets from any direction, but shouldn’t be dipped in water. Typically most of the wireless camera is safe from rain, snow, heat, and cold.


The 720p security camera records good video and image. But the 1080p Hd camera is the best for a clear picture. It doesn’t require lots of storage. This is viewed on almost all phones, tablets, and PCs.

Motion and sound detection:

Most of the outdoor security camera is equipped with a motion sensor. When motion is detected, the sensor will trigger the camera to record video. It also pushes an alert notification to your phone via the app. The modern outdoor cameras have a two-way audio communication system. That helps you to speak and listen with whoever is outside.

Home integration:

Most of the wireless outdoor camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

So thinking about your safety, we have picked a list of the best and most convenient outdoor wireless security cameras in the market for you.

Google NC2400ES nest cam outdoor wireless security camera

Google nest cam wireless security camera shows 130 degree view of your home in 1080P HD at day and night. Night vision evenly illuminates the whole scene as clear as day.

The camera, cable and adapter all are made from weatherproof material. It can be easy to install in front of your door or anywhere you want. Because it has a unique magnetic mount. You can easily see from indoor or away who’s at the door and talk to get their attention.

Especially it compatible with google assistant, Alexa, and other nest products. Google cam has one of the best features to get alerts on your phone. So you can know what happened although you’re away.

COOAU home Surveillance Security Camera 1080P with Night Vision

Cooau’s outdoor security camera can deliver you a clear and colorful image in the daytime. The night vision function automatically activated in darkness with infrared lights.
So It ensures you a clear view range and protection of your home and property 24/7.

You can easily get motion detection on your android device. When the camera record any sensitive detection, it sent alert to you via the MIPC app.

The built-in anti-noise microphone and speaker help to communicate with people near the camera through the app. It supports cloud storage and records all footage. The dynamic encryption technology offers higher security for data transmission to protect data from the hacker.

AMICCOM Outdoor Security Camera

AMICCOM’s wireless outdoor security camera works perfectly with 2.4GHz wifi connection. The surveillance wireless camera detects motion by the smart PIR sensor. When any motion detected, it instantly sends a notification to your mobile phone via the app. It has accurate motion sensibility adjustment and smart motion detection to less false alarms. This wireless camera allows you to communicate with guests and get rid of unwanted guests. The waterproof security camera is strong enough to work under rough weather.

Blink camera outdoor security system 

Blink security system camera is awesome with a small system and expands up to 10 cameras on 1 blink. It’s easy to place and move anywhere from your home inside or outside. An alert will send to your smartphone via app When its built-in motion detector detects anything. The camera records a short clip of the event and store in cloud storage. Also, you can get live Hd video or audio on your smartphone if you away. Its made from weatherproof material. So, the camera records video in any hard weather. The camera has a non-rechargeable lithium battery with two years of life. You can easily control the camera with the home monitor blink camera app. There is no monthly subscription fees or service contract required.

Wansview security camera

wansview’s security camera is equipped with a 2 megapixel Hd lens. Which delivers crystal smooth and clear to protect your home. The security camera works with 2.4g wifi. It smoothly works with Alexa and google assistant. You can give command to your Alexa device easily and get feedback. The real-time motion detector alerts you for safety and from an unknown person. It’s good news for you. When you are on vacation, you will never be worried about your home.

ZUMIMALL home security waterproof camera with a rechargeable battery

ZUMIMALL’s wireless rechargeable home security camera comes with a 6000mAh battery. You can easily install it anywhere because the security camera has a magnetic bracket screw and double-sided adhesive tape. It covered 130-degree view and offered two-way audio to the conversation. When it detects motion, it can forward an image and alarm to your smartphone. The camera equipped with smart night vision and advance PIR motion detection up to 10m. There is no wire or cord. So, you easily move it anywhere you want without worrying. This wireless home security camera is exactly what you need to protect your home and family.

UOKIER wireless security camera outdoor and indoor

UOKIER outdoor wireless security camera adopts a built-in smart PIR motion sensor. You can easily install it indoor or outdoor without worrying about annoying wires. You can save the important videos to your TF card of cloud storage for video playback function. So, you can check this anywhere at any time. The waterproof glass lens helps to record videos in any weather. It has two built-in rechargeable batteries total 6400mAh. After fully charged, it works up to 2-6 months. You could get a notification via the app when the battery is below 20%. So, you can charge it on time. You can hear and directly talk to your visitor through the built-in microphone and speaker. The 1080p Hd video with a 130-degree view and two-way audio controller via app gives you an outstanding experience.

HeimVision home security camera compatible with solar panel

Heimvision wireless home security camera is giving the best family care compatible with a solar panel. It has a built-in rechargeable battery by solar power. The heimlife app is available for download on google play to control the security camera easily. You can connect with your home security camera via the app and see everything from your mobile phone. While the user uses the security camera app, the user interface provides a satisfying user experience. Heimlife protects surveillance videos with HTTPS certified security and requires no personal data. The app pushes the most accurate real-time notifications. The two-way audio and HD video allows you to smoothly conversation through the mobile phone. It made from weatherproof materials for reliable use.

XTU Wireless Home Security Camera

Xtu’s outdoor security camera gives you outstanding user experience. You can easily install it and download the Vicoo app from google play store. The user-friendly app operation can help you to use it quickly. It gives you 122-degree wide view with 1080p HD video and two-way audio to talk to your guest. Don’t worry about your home security. Because you can know your home situation anytime anywhere through mobile phone via the app. You can easily customize motion detection to reduce false alarms. It supports up to 128gb micro sd card and cloud storage. So, you will never miss out on a moment with the encrypted cloud service wherever you are.

MECO wireless outdoor security camera

MECO’s wireless security camera comes with a 6700mAh battery with a 64ft visible range lights in the dark. The night vision function can be adjusted automatically and infrared lights gave you super night vision experience. When its smart motion detector detects any sensitive motion, simply push an instant alert notification to your phone via the app. The Hd video and two way audio gives you a smooth conversation with your guest. Your footage is secure with the highest data protection system. It’s installation system very easy. You can continuously change it without worrying. Rain, Shine, Hot or cold the wireless camera never stops to protect you.

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