Best GPS tracker for kids and pets tracking

gps tracking device for kids

Are you concern about tracking your kids and pets? Don’t worry, you just found a list about the best GPS tracker for kids and pets to track every moment. In fact, it may be your great companion to observe your babies.

After much research, we picked up the best GPS tracking devices that have exclusive modern features and conveniences. You should buy a modern convenience rich GPS tracker for your kids and pets to ensure their security. Most of the parents use a hidden GPS tracking device to observe their child.

It is easy to place it anywhere hiddenly. No one couldn’t know your kids carry a gps tracking devices.

Best GPS tracker for kids and pets

Especially those who are employed cannot observe their children. And even those who are busy with business cannot observe their children most of the time. So they can use a GPS tracker to monitor the movement of their children. If kids go outside from the house you can watch their movement and take action.

Unfortunately, the school closed before regular time, your kids wait for you or go out anywhere. Even children can be easily found when they go to an unfamiliar place. Many times the children have been seen playing somewhere outside the house.

But after a lot of searching, they are not found. Or moved to a neighbor’s house. He may be trapped in a nearby secret place. GPS tracker plays a very important role in this situation. Kids can be easily found by tracking through the device.

At various times, terrorists have taken children hostage and are intimidate parents. Can claim large sums of money and various things. Only then can they be easily caught through the GPS tracker. If the tracking device is attached to the children, they can be easily found wherever they are. In the digital world, the use of GPS tracking devices is increasing tremendously.

Best GPS Tracking Devices List for kids:

  1. Jiobit Tracker
  2. GeoZilla GPS Tracker
  3. AngelSense GPS Tracker
  4. Samsung GPS tracker
  5. Vowor 4G Smartwatch for Kids with Sim Card

How did we make the best Gps tracking devices list?

Actually, We made the list based on features, benefits & usefulness, durability, customer review, price, and more.

Why you need a tracking device for kids?

Your baby can get lost at any time when you are in a crowd or a secluded area. Terrorists can kidnap your child and show you a lot of threats or intimidation. In addition, your child may move to a neighbor’s home. Even if your baby ‍stays hiddenly around you, you can’t find him. Such incidents create a frightening situation. You can use these devices to keep the virtual eye on your child or pet.

Best GPS tracking device for kids

Keep in mind these features when you will buy a GPS tracker for kids.

In the below content, we describe many features of GPS trackers after much research. If you buy a camera that has more features, you will be extremely benefited.


The strong and clear network is the most important for instant tracking and to get the most relevant information. Most of the modern kid’s GPS tracker has a 4G LTE network. LTE network is great for instant tracking. You can also find 2G gsm cellular, Bluetooth, wifi, etc network-based child tracker.


A strong and durable battery is very important for a pet GPS tracker.
A terrible situation is created if child tracker breaks connection while tracking your child. Most of the modern kid GPS tracker has a strong battery life up to one week to 10 days.

Operating system (OS):

You can track easily your pet with a pet GPS tracker from anywhere within the network area. Because it runs on the Android operating system, iOS, and windows. The pet tracking device seller will provide you a smart app to track your pet.

Calling function:

Many of the modern GPS tracking devices has a calling function to communicate. You can talk to your child as if you were with him.
Extensive powerful networks work well for baby trackers to speak properly.


There is an emergency button included in the child tracker. Your baby can press this button when in distress. Instantly, you will get an alert. So, you may save him from danger. The exceptional feature has been proven beneficial in an emergency.


Using the app, You can set multi alarm to conscious your baby in the smart GPS tracker. It helps your child to manage time, go to school on time, and get up. This is very easy and effective way to control the kid’s time through the smart app.


You will get an alert notification when your kid leaves or enter the geofencing area. Also, smart kids location tracker alert you if your child go out of the regular route.

Classroom mode:

You can set ‘do not disturb’ mode and class time in the app when your child stays in the classroom. This will allow your child to stay in the classroom without any interruption. If your baby unexpectedly leaves the classroom or school during class, you will get an instant notification.

Real-time positioning:

After a while, the GPS tracker automatically updates your child locations. The modern tracking devices track your pet or child continuously all day. You can check the timeline and easily know that your child or pet’s all locations. Real-time tracking system gives you instant location data.

Data encryption:

Terrorists can harm your child and threaten you if they find out about your child’s location. So, you should be very careful about collecting your child’s location data using a GPS tracker. To keep secure your kid’s location data, you can use a tracking device That has a data encryption system. The modern GPS tracking devices transfer data safely through data encryption.

Water resistant:

Water-resistant tracking devices are more durable and secured. Your baby can use this in any weather smoothly. It gives better consolation about your kid’s security.

Now it’s time to see in short reviews about GPS tracker for kids:

Jiobit Tracker

Jiobit – Smallest Real-Time Location Tracker for Kids

The Jiobit tracker gives super security for your kids every time anywhere. The modern features and conveniences have included in these devices.

Jiobit tracker key features:

  • Real-time tracking and location data
  • The instant location changing notifications
  • Advance built-in security technology
  • Encrypted location data
  • Trustchip technology
  • Wi-fi, Cellular, Gps, and Bluetooth
  • Water-resistant
  • Extra durable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Built-in loop for clip onto clothing and shoes
  • The monthly subscription fee for a data plan
  • Smart android and iOs jiobit app

GeoZilla GPS Tracker

GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Kids

Stand-out features:

  • Accurate Child and pet tracking device
  • Worldwide coverage
  • LTE, GSM, Wi-fi and Gps network support
  • Emergency SOS button
  • Custom notifications
  • Strong rechargeable battery life up to 5 days
  • Maps and locations history
  • Android / iOS app
  • 30 days of free data plan

AngelSense GPS Tracker

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker for Kids

Eye-catching features:

  • 4G LTE Nationwide Coverage
  • Safeguard GPS Location
  • Continuous Location Monitoring
  • Assistive Speakerphone with Auto-Answer
  • SOS Call Request Button
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Multiple Map Views
  • Unlimited History Timeline
  • Advanced School Features
  • The battery life of Up to 48 hours
  • Unexpected place alerts
  • 2-Way Assistive Speakerphone

Samsung GPS tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Outstanding features:

  • LTE based on the smart broaden network
  • Up to a week and more battery life on a single charge
  • Easily attachable to anything
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Customized geofencing
  • automatic notification alerts

Vowor 4G Smartwatch for Kids with Sim Card

Vowor 4G Smartwatch for Kids with Sim Card

Stand-out features:

  • LBS GPS Tracker
  • Geofencing
  • Pedometer
  • Voice chat
  • Anti-lost
  • Class Mode
  • HD Camera
  • Historical tracker
  • Safe zones
  • Remote monitoring
  • alarm clock
  • low battery notification
  • Two-way Calling

Finally said that you should buy a proper GPS tracking device to ensure your kid’s and pet’s safety even if you are away. The modern GPS tracker shows the exact location of your babies. You can track their every moment from your smartphone. Every child of every parent may be well.

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